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  Den 26. maj skal danskerne stemme til EU-valget 2019. Det er din mulighed for at bestemme, i hvilken retning Europa skal gå. Få mere information om valget her. Ved at stemme til EU-valget får borgerne mulighed for at vælge de 705 nye medlemmer af Europ
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Parlamentet ønsker en holdbar løsning på flygtningekrisen baseret på solidaritet mellem medlemslandene. Mens migranter og flygtninge fortsat ankommer til Europas kyster, forsøger EU at finde balancen mellem at beskytte dem, der har brug for asyl, og samti
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The European Commission has approved a new assistance package worth €400 million, for the education of Syrian refugees in Turkey. This is the first action adopted following the agreement by EU Member States to finance an additional €3 billion for the Facil
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The idea platform is flourishing with proposals by young people from all over Europe. It is time for you to share yours and give a thumbs up to your favourites. Parliament is asking young people to share their ideas on how to solve Europe's hottest issues
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What are the most important issues that concerns you as a youth in Europe? Is it education, work, social inclusion, integration, sub-cultures, global thinking, travelling, sports & fitness, politics, economy, you name it. This blog is an open platform
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