ENGAGE: Fostering young people's participation in civic and democratic life.

CONNECT: Connecting young people across the European Union and beyond to foster voluntary engagement, learning mobility, solidarity and intercultural understanding.

EMPOWER: Supporting youth empowerment through quality, innovation and recognition of youth work.

The new EU Youth Strategy will also develop its cross-sectoral approach by addressing the needs of young people in other EU policy areas.
The Commission proposes some important novelties compared to the current policy framework:
  • A new EU Youth coordinator will channel voices of young people in the Commission, thus allowing young people to contribute to shaping EU policies across areas; the coordinator will strengthen the dialogue with young people, notably via the European Youth Portal and the EU Youth Strategy Platform,
  • A renewed EU Youth Dialogue to take youth concerns better into account and ensure wider outreach, including through innovative formats; 
  • Tracking of EU spending for youth in main funding programmes;
  • An agenda for youth work to further improve its quality, innovation and recognition and to allow other sectors to capitalise on the potential of non-formal learning; 
  • A clearer link between EU youth policy implementation and related programme activities in Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps.
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